Backwash ChairsBackwash chairs let customers lean back and sit in a comfortable position at a salon wash point. The correct angle and support is a really important feature of any backwash chair so that customers feel comfortable and back pain is prevented. At Direct Salon Furniture we take care to make sure the wash point seating in our range are supportive and robust. Furthermore the quality feel and look to our selection of reclining hair washing chairs will really make your customers feel they are in the right place. Get it right with seating from our professional ranges from WBX, REM, Takara Belmont and Crewe Orlando.

£18.99 ex VAT

Easy to use, place around customers neck by strap with velcro fastening.

£119.99£179.99 ex VAT

Stylish and economical salon backwash chair with a reclining back rest. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK OF THIS PRODUCT - DUE IN MARCH 2020

£175.00£199.00 ex VAT

Created in Italy, built in Britain. Great combination of style and durability.

£185.00 ex VAT

A classically designed backwash chair, which is both practical and affordable.

2019 Atlas Design
£189.00£199.00 ex VAT

Comfortable backwash or styling chair with a fixed back and chrome arm rests.

£235.00 ex VAT

A stylish, practical reclining chair with headrest, footrest and locking hydraulic pump base.

£237.00 ex VAT

Backwash chair mounted on a sturdy 5 star chrome base in Black as standard

£249.00 ex VAT

Features a fixed back, stylish arm rests and comes on a 5 star hydraulic base.

£255.00 ex VAT

Comfortable backwash chair with a fixed back and chrome arm rests.

£269.00£289.00 ex VAT

Modern design with a reclining back rest, operated by the side lever.

£293.00 ex VAT

Features a fixed angled back, stylish chrome arms and on a 5 star hydraulic base and in a choice of coloured upholstery.

£299.00£389.00 ex VAT

Multi-purpose styling chair, used as for styling, beauty treatments or back wash.

£359.00£460.00 ex VAT

Comfortable backwash chair with a fixed back and chrome arm rests.

£375.00£479.00 ex VAT

One of a kind salon chair that can be used for multiple treatments.

£390.00£492.00 ex VAT

Economical and Classically designed salon backwash chair in coloured upholstery.

£399.00 ex VAT

Reclining chair finished in black upholstery on locking 5 star chrome base.

£549.00 ex VAT

Uniquely designed, hand crafted chair with a fixed backrest.

£799.00£854.00 ex VAT

High quality UK hand crafted reclining seat, both practical and elegant.

£1,265.00£1,425.00 ex VAT

Traditionally styled backwash chair with a high quality and durable finish.

£1,640.00£1,800.00 ex VAT

Sturdy and durable backwash chair, designed with style and comfort in mind.

£2,030.00£2,190.00 ex VAT

Multi-function chair with a reclining backrest.