£899.00 ex VAT

High quality and comfortable wash unit featuring an extendable legrest.

£899.00 ex VAT

Beautifully hand crafted washpoint with a detailed wooden frame.

£910.00£945.00 ex VAT

Decorative button-press design and a large comfortable seat.

£950.00£980.00 ex VAT

Hand crafted with a wooden frame and stud detailing.

NEW FOR 2019
£989.00 ex VAT

Lana washpoint with large comfortable seat complete with sumo tilting white large basin.

£995.00£1,869.00 ex VAT

Contemporary styled wash unit which is ideal for any modern hair salon.

£995.00 ex VAT

Ultra modern washpoint, finished with a futuristic look.

£999.00 ex VAT

Luxury washpoint, designed with soft lines and elegant framework.

£999.00 ex VAT

Well designed single washpoint featuring the stylish Bowy Chair.

£999.00 ex VAT

Quality piece of furniture with a smart professional design.

£999.00 ex VAT

Professional washpoint featuring the sleek Yering chair.

£1,030.00 ex VAT

Features wood laminated sides and offering cushioned comfort for your customer.

£1,049.00 ex VAT

The Vivaldi gives a traditional feel with a chic design.

£1,075.00£1,095.00 ex VAT

Elegantly designed wash unit with an unparalleled attention to detail.

£1,075.00£1,095.00 ex VAT

Elegant and stylish designed washpoint with a traditional, chic feel.

£1,075.00£1,095.00 ex VAT

Reliable and hand crafted washpoint suitable for any salon or hairdressers.

£1,095.00£1,175.00 ex VAT

Beautiful piece of salon furniture, made to the highest quality and finish

£1,135.00£1,435.00 ex VAT

Ergonomically ideal, immaculately furnished mountable sidewash basin.

£1,145.00£1,799.00 ex VAT

Luxuriously comfortable with relaxing Shiatsu Air Massage.

£1,150.00£1,490.00 ex VAT

One of the markets leading washpoints in ultimate Comfort and satisfaction.

£1,200.00£1,240.00 ex VAT

Dual washpoint with a completely customizable design.

£1,225.00£5,540.00 ex VAT

Comes in three sizes, allowing you to choose the best fit for your salon.

£1,295.00£2,585.00 ex VAT

Beautifully made with electric legrest and Shiatsu massage available.

£1,349.00 ex VAT

Rem Aqua frontwash and backwash units designed to save space.

£1,399.00 ex VAT

Retro upholstered washpoint with deep ceramic basin.

£1,420.00£1,499.00 ex VAT

Heavy duty barbers chair with a strong hydraulic pump.

£1,475.00£2,695.00 ex VAT

Decorated with Stunning Swarovski Elements crystals.

£1,512.00£1,940.00 ex VAT

Extremely comfortable, sofa style wash unit with a modern design.

£1,595.00 ex VAT

Free-standing rear shampoo basin with a sturdy pedestal unit.

£1,599.00£2,899.00 ex VAT

Bold and brilliant design with feature chrome side panels.

£1,599.00 ex VAT

Unit combining all the advantages of a washing unit with a styling unit with storage.

£1,649.00 ex VAT

Unique hydraulic pump backwash unit which allows you to raise and lower the height of the basin.

£1,770.00 ex VAT

lavishly bold and meticulously detailed washpoint with an extending legrest.

£1,840.00£2,775.00 ex VAT

Built with unmatched style and tremendous comfort.

£1,899.00£2,769.00 ex VAT

Available as a 1 position or a 2 position washpoint.

£1,925.00 ex VAT

Rem Aqua units designed to save space and can be used with any make backwash chair.

£2,095.00 ex VAT

Brilliantly compact rear shampoo unit with distinct and outstanding quality.

£2,099.00£2,999.00 ex VAT

Top of the range washpoint with outstanding comfort and a bold modern design.

£2,135.00£3,060.00 ex VAT

Accommodating two stunning Radian chairs on a solid unit.

£2,695.00 ex VAT

Compact foldaway basin-cabinet system, created to allow for the optimum use of space.

£2,770.00£3,600.00 ex VAT

2 positions wash unit, supplied with or without electric leg rests.

£2,890.00 ex VAT

Exceptionally built and beautifully designed spa couch with a cleverly concealed basin.

£2,995.00 ex VAT

Luxury full length rear shampoo couch unit with a distinct design and Takara Belmont outstanding quality.

£2,995.00£3,995.00 ex VAT

Innovative visor with LED colour changing light display.

£3,275.00£6,800.00 ex VAT

Luxuriously comfortable with outstanding quality and finish.

£3,799.00 ex VAT

Ingenious rear shampoo unit designed to be used at two stations.

£4,030.00£5,320.00 ex VAT

Sofa styled 3 Position Washpoint, supplied with or without electric leg rests.

£4,390.00 ex VAT

Unique fold-away basin system which is clean, neat and compact set in graduated top surface.