Takara Belmont WashpointsTakara Belmont Washpoints really are the last word in quality and luxury. When your customers demand and expect the best, look no further. Browse our range below to find out more about the Takara Belmont difference. The Takara Belmont story is one of innovation and design going back to 1921 across the full range of salon furniture and dental products. These washpoints are designed as part of the excellent Takara Belmont range of salon furniture that has become a by-word for quality and excellence. To discuss this range of products with us, or for help and advice on any other issues, call on 01270 630280.

£10.99 ex VAT

Handy backwash tool holder for your equipment popular trade favourite.

£13.99 ex VAT

Handy backwash tool holder with silver chrome detangling brush.

£1,135.00£1,435.00 ex VAT

Ergonomically ideal, immaculately furnished mountable sidewash basin.

£1,595.00 ex VAT

Free-standing rear shampoo basin with a sturdy pedestal unit.

£1,770.00 ex VAT

lavishly bold and meticulously detailed washpoint with an extending legrest.

£2,095.00 ex VAT

Brilliantly compact rear shampoo unit with distinct and outstanding quality.

£2,695.00 ex VAT

Compact foldaway basin-cabinet system, created to allow for the optimum use of space.

£2,890.00 ex VAT

Exceptionally built and beautifully designed spa couch with a cleverly concealed basin.

£2,995.00 ex VAT

Luxury full length rear shampoo couch unit with a distinct design and Takara Belmont outstanding quality.

£3,449.00 ex VAT

Ingenious rear shampoo unit designed to be used at two stations.

£4,390.00 ex VAT

Unique fold-away basin system which is clean, neat and compact set in graduated top surface.

£4,390.00 ex VAT

Unique foldaway basin-cabinet system, perfect for optimising salon floor space with flat top surface.

£7,540.00£9,510.00 ex VAT

Luxuriously comfortable wash unit with ergonomic cushioning.