REM Barber Chairs

REM Barber Chairs – Manufactured in the UK, these barber chairs from REM are some of our most popular products. Discerning barber shops owners frequently choose these chairs to add high end professional design notes to their business. These chairs are available in a range of styles and colours.

£55.00 ex VAT

Embroidery logo service for all upholsterd styling chairs, barbers chairs, styling and beauty stools and waiting furniture.

£225.00 ex VAT

Salon interior design service from Rem's salon designers.

£579.00 ex VAT

Maintenance free, unique example of barber's furniture with a stand out pose. Guaranteed quality and practicality.

10 - 14 Day Delivery
£939.00 £875.00 ex VAT

The Voyager barbers chair premium express in black upholstery.

£1,023.00 £899.00 ex VAT

Top of the range seating with unparalleled style and function. Sits on a superbly stable, heavy duty, chrome base.

£949.00 £899.00 ex VAT

Large reclining barbers chair available in a range of colours.

£949.00 £899.00 ex VAT

Large reclining black barbers chair on large hydraulic locking base.

£910.00 ex VAT

Large, comfy and reclining, in black upholstery. A fantastic piece from the wholesale REM furniture range.

£1,061.00 ex VAT

A beautifully retro piece of furniture that comes in many upholstery colours. A luxury seat for a gentleman's cut.

£1,145.00 £1,045.00 ex VAT

Outstanding design and presence, available in red and other colours.

£1,145.00 ex VAT

A great piece of equipment that is a modern take on a traditional vintage design, ideal for the professional barber.

£1,145.00 ex VAT

Rem's modern take on a traditional design and completely customized to fit your salon look.

£1,279.00 ex VAT

Classic Emperor barber shop chair with the best unique upholstery GT design.