Takara Belmont Barber Chairs

Takara Belmont Barber Chairs – The iconic barber chair from Takara Belmont had been popular for decades. These barber chairs are seen throughout the world in some of the best barber shops. These chairs are available in a range of styles and colours.

£1,150.00£1,185.00 ex VAT

Classic barbershop design in the most compact, stylish form. A popular piece of furniture from the Belmont range.

£1,170.00£1,529.00 ex VAT

The very popular GT Sportsman is world famous for it's reliability and versatility.

£1,450.00 ex VAT

Unique brown leather chair guaranteed to add style to any salon.

£1,480.00 ex VAT

Vintage 40's style chair in a dark brown leather with metal detailing.

£1,535.00£1,620.00 ex VAT

Traditionally styled backwash chair with a high quality and durable finish.

£1,540.00£1,630.00 ex VAT

Luxury seat with a stud detailing available in brown leather or camel leather.

£1,635.00£1,720.00 ex VAT

The Takara Cadilla M a traditionally styled backwash multipurpose chair with a high quality and durable finish.

£1,640.00£1,800.00 ex VAT

Sturdy and durable backwash chair, designed with style and comfort in mind.

£1,999.00£2,299.00 ex VAT

Traditionally designed and vintage style, with unparalleled design and comfort. A favourite of barbers worldwide.

£2,199.00£2,750.00 ex VAT

Traditionally designed chair with unparalleled style and comfort available in Maroon or Black.

£2,229.00 ex VAT

Traditional piece of barbering furinture with a contemporary twist, one of the best selections for the modern barber.

£2,995.00£3,195.00 ex VAT

A stunning piece barbering furniture. Solid, versatile and beautiful, dressed in durable upholstery. A high end trade chair.

£3,895.00£4,695.00 ex VAT

Luxurious, fully motorised barbers chair with smooth movement and high comfort.

£6,550.00 ex VAT

The World's premium luxury barber's chair featuring a heated leg rest with high grade foot rest and massage.

£7,080.00 ex VAT

Probably the World's premium luxury barber's chair and made with the finest materials to ensure ultimate luxury.