Barbers Chairs

Barbers Chairs are perhaps the most iconic piece of furniture to be found in a professional barber shop. Comfort and practicality are of course essential, but in the competitive business environment, carefully selecting distinctive customer seating can help give your barbers the edge over your competition, after all, first impressions are important! The quality and style of these chairs is therefore an essential consideration on the choice of chairs you choose to be the centrepiece of your business.

£69.99 ex VAT

Anti-fatigue floor mat ideal for making work easier for hard working barbers.

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£429.00 ex VAT

A truly unique example of barbering furniture. Locks into position to prevent any unwanted movement while in use.

£449.00£479.00 ex VAT

Barbers buttoned back chair with footrest, stud detailing and stylish chrome arm rests and available on a choice of bases.

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£499.00 ex VAT

Traditionally designed barbers chair, made with a comfortable hard wearing black upholstery.

£515.00 ex VAT

High end, sturdy, reclining, with a stunning unique design; can be used as an all purpose piece and is ideal for hot shaves.

£525.00 ex VAT

Traditional barbering seat with a stylish design and durable build quality.

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£569.00 ex VAT

Modern gentleman's stylish slim look barbers chair, with a moulded interior, finished in a hard wearing black vinyl.

£649.00 £575.00 ex VAT

Classic heavy duty chair with a traditional barber shop design with reclining backrest.

£579.00 ex VAT

Maintenance free, unique example of barber's furniture with a stand out pose. Guaranteed quality and practicality.

£699.00 £599.00 ex VAT

Retro upholstered salon chair on a modern round hydraulic base.

£619.00 ex VAT

Modern seat with a bold sturdy presence, fully reclining with detachable headrest. A Direct Salon Furniture UK exclusive.

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£649.00 ex VAT

Classic style and comfortable barbers chair with upholstery in a hard wearing black fabric.

£649.00 ex VAT

Modern barbers seat with stunning classic design, fully reclining and detachable headrest.

£699.00 ex VAT

Stylish black barbers chair with diamond design stitching and external reversible side panel.

£799.00 ex VAT

Designed in Italy and built in Britain, stylish and durable black upholstered seating.

£895.00 ex VAT

A large and comfy well-built, classically designed seat with large footrest, a great value piece of furniture for the price.

£899.00 ex VAT

Strong and durable with a large locking hydraulic base and large comfortable seat.

£899.00 ex VAT

Tiger Chair in black upholstery which is comfy and has stylish chrome finishing touches.

£899.00 ex VAT

Barburys Arrow Barbers Chair Barburys Arrow Barbers Chair, stylish comfy barbers chair with external metal elements made from cast and chromed aluminium on a large locking hydraulic base. Adjustable headrest and manually reclining back rest. Foot rest with leg support which rotates up to 180 degrees for client comfort. Available in Black, Red or Green [...]

£899.00 ex VAT

Luxury barbers black reclining chair with unique detail stitching and white piping and interchangble side panels.

£910.00 ex VAT

Large, comfy and reclining, in black upholstery. A fantastic piece from the wholesale REM furniture range.

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£939.00 ex VAT

The Voyager barbers chair premium express in black upholstery.

£949.00 ex VAT

Large reclining barbers chair available in a range of colours.

£949.00 ex VAT

Large reclining black barbers chair on large hydraulic locking base.

£999.00 ex VAT

Tiger from Mila, with stylish diamond stitching for sale with choice of Mila upholsteries.

£999.00 ex VAT

Hydraulic and sturdy with stylish chrome finishes available in any of Mila's premium upholstery fabrics.

£1,023.00 ex VAT

Top of the range seating with unparalleled style and function. Sits on a superbly stable, heavy duty, chrome base.

£1,030.00£1,290.00 ex VAT

The very popular GT Sportsman is world famous for it's reliability and versatility.

£1,045.00£1,305.00 ex VAT

Classic barbershop design in the most compact, stylish form. A popular piece of furniture from the Belmont range.

£1,061.00 ex VAT

A beautifully retro piece of furniture that comes in many upholstery colours. A luxury seat for a gentleman's cut.

£1,145.00 ex VAT

A great piece of equipment that is a modern take on a traditional vintage design, ideal for the professional barber.

£1,145.00 ex VAT

Rem's modern take on a traditional design and completely customized to fit your salon look.

£1,295.00 £1,195.00 ex VAT

A beautifully classic design hydraulic barbers chair inspired by the early 50's and 60's shops.Currently we have in stock all black upholstery and black with white piping upholstery for immediate delivery. 

£1,199.00 ex VAT

Stylish hydraulic chair which available in one of Mila's premium upholstery fabrics.

£1,265.00£1,425.00 ex VAT

Traditionally styled backwash chair with a high quality and durable finish.

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£1,265.00£1,425.00 ex VAT

Retro 1950's styled backwash chair with a reclining backrest with a elegant feel.

£1,279.00 ex VAT

Classic Emperor barber shop chair with the best unique upholstery GT design.

£1,299.00 ex VAT

Modern and stylish, and uniquely square shaped in black with subtle white stitching, on a large locking hydraulic base.

£1,450.00 ex VAT

Unique brown leather chair guaranteed to add style to any salon.

£1,480.00 ex VAT

Vintage 40's style chair in a dark brown leather with metal detailing.

£1,540.00£1,630.00 ex VAT

Luxury seat with a stud detailing available in brown leather or camel leather.

£1,640.00£1,800.00 ex VAT

Sturdy and durable backwash chair, designed with style and comfort in mind.

£1,799.00£2,090.00 ex VAT

Traditionally designed and vintage style, with unparalleled design and comfort. A favourite of barbers worldwide.

£2,090.00 ex VAT

Traditional piece of barbering furinture with a contemporary twist, one of the best selections for the modern barber.

£2,200.00£2,500.00 ex VAT

Traditionally designed chair with unparalleled style and comfort available in Maroon or Black.

£2,495.00 ex VAT

Strong substantial piece of all-purpose furniture with a bold presence and a modern twist.

£2,995.00£3,195.00 ex VAT

A stunning piece barbering furniture. Solid, versatile and beautiful, dressed in durable upholstery. A high end trade chair.

£3,795.00£3,995.00 ex VAT

Motorised Barbers chair with a stunning design, a class above the rest. A quality high end piece of furniture.