Facial SteamerA Facial Steamer is a great addition to any beauty treatment room. Choose an Ozone Steamer for upmarket facial cleansing treatments. This treatment has been shown to be effective, for example, if you are prone to mild acne, the biggest adventage of steaming may be that your skin could end up significantly clearer. The reason for this effect is the moisture softens the surface layer of dead skins cells called the stratum corneum (from the Latin for “horned layer”).  The process of steaming helps to dislodge any dead cells, dirt, bacteria and any other trapped material that could be causing breakouts. This can in turn allow your skin to better absorb other skin products you might make use of after the steaming. Our range of steamers include lighter portable models for mobile use and more fully featured floor standing variants for use by beauty salons and spas. Please call us on 01270 630280 if you require and advice or assistance with this line of products.

£56.99 ex VAT

Portable facial steamer, ideal for beauty rooms, mobile therapists or even at home use.

£69.50 ex VAT

Lightweight and robust portable steamer with an insulated handle for hand-held steaming.

£99.99 ex VAT

Quick heating system with an auto switch off function when empty.

£129.99 ex VAT

Mobile facial steamer with ozone lamp on sturdy 5 star wheeled base and with compact arm for aromatherpy treatments.

£129.99 ex VAT

Mobile steamer with nano-ionic steam which can penetrate the upper layer of the skin more easily.

£139.99 ex VAT

Modern and functional design which is simple to use, easy to operate and superb value for money.

£159.99 ex VAT

Mobile facial steamer which is simple to use and easy to operate and superb value for money.

£164.99 ex VAT

Mobile steamer with a fitted adjustable manual timer and standard ozone function.

£175.99 ex VAT

Hot steam & cool mist facial steamer with Ozone, two water chambers and an aromatic oil container.

£196.99 ex VAT

Upmarket ozone digital steamer for facial cleansing treatments.

£199.00 ex VAT

A mobile ionic facial steamer with a built in aromatherapy function and UV lamp.

£229.00 ex VAT

Substantial Mobile Steamer with a fixed spray arm, built in Ozone lamp and glass water jar.

£249.00 ex VAT

Modern steamer with a short neck, variable height table-top base and ozone facility provided.