Paraffin Wax TreatmentParaffin Wax Treatment – a luxury treatment, intended to add moisture and softness to the skin. They also provide therapeutic heat to aching joints. This makes paraffin wax treatment particularly suitable for people suffering from arthritis and rheumatic pain. Paraffin is a soft wax and it melts at a lower than the normal temperature for wax. Because of these properties, skin can be coated with paraffin wax without causing burning or blistering. This treatment is very popular in the colder months with those who suffer from seasonal dry skin. The treatment is also effective forĀ  cracked heels, cold feet and hands and also back ache, aching neck and shoulders. Many find it a useful and a relaxing preventative treatment. Choose the right paraffin bath from the range below. Call us if you need any help with these products, please call us on 01270 630280.

£25.29 ex VAT

Heated boots for luxury pedicure treatments and to soothe and relax joints and muscles.

£25.49 ex VAT

Heated mitts for luxury manicure treatments and to soothe and relax joints and muscles.

£29.99 ex VAT

Trendy wax heater available in purple, pink, grey, pale blue, dark blue, green and orange

£49.99 ex VAT

Ergonomic compact twin wax heater that will compliment any beauty salon or spa, professional dual heating system which offers outstanding value and convenience.

£95.75£100.99 ex VAT

Paraffin bath which is large enough to allow the insertion of hands and feet.

£99.50 ex VAT

3kg capacity bath, large enough to allow the insertion of hands, feet and joints.

£189.00 ex VAT

Features an automatic temperature control and a large, heavy duty metal tank.