Skin Brushing VaccumSkin Brushing and Skin Vacuum are very popular spa therapies which help rejuvenate the skin. Dry skin brushing is a practice that has rapidly grown in popularity and has become vary popular in spas.  This treatment may not be be the magic bullet for every skin condition but it can be an effective way to promote skin health. Claimed benefits are a reduction in cellulite, exfoliation, better circulation, an improvement in overall immune system health and on an aesthetic level, a real improvement in skin appearance. Choose from our professional range of machines and please call us if you wish to discuss any of these products with us or require any other help or advice on 01270 630280.

£59.99 ex VAT

Unique instrument for tightening the skin, minimising wrinkles and closing the pores after a facial.

£95.99 ex VAT

Offering 3 speeds with a variety of brush heads for use on normal skin, sensitive skin and body.

£239.00 ex VAT

Vacuum spray, ideal for mask removal and to loosen setting masks.

£259.00 ex VAT

Ideal for deep cleansing, exfoliation of dead skin cells and elimination of cellular blockages.

£499.00 ex VAT

Features controls to adjust the speed and reverse the direction of the heads. 

£875.00 ex VAT

Constant vacuum suction and an infinitely variable pulsating action.