Make up units offer light and style to any hair salon or beauty and make up area. Give your customers the Make Up Unitsexperience they deserve and work on their make up in style! For help and advice, please call Direct Salon Furniture on 01270 630280.

£849.00£949.00 ex VAT

The Mila Show II Wall Styling Unit comes as standard with an integrated footrest.

£589.00£1,840.00 ex VAT

Contemporary design unit available as a wall or island model.

£149.99 ex VAT

Movie style make up chair which is portable and comfortable and ideal for the mobile make up artist

£54.00£115.00 ex VAT

REM chrome socket option for Rem Salon Furniture fitted during production.

£849.00£949.00 ex VAT

A two position island unit with an illuminated front, mirrors and two electrical sockets.

£424.00£848.00 ex VAT

Stylish design, available in a 1 position or 2 position unit. 

£655.00£1,310.00 ex VAT

Island unit featuring curved edged mirrors, available in a 2 position or 4 position unit.

£411.00£822.00 ex VAT

Square style styling Unit available in either a 1 position or 2 position.

£675.00£775.00 ex VAT

Beautifully made piece of salon furniture with an elegant integrated footrest.