Hairdressing Trolleys

Hairdressing trolleys / salon trolleys are a vital piece of equipment for any professional hair stylist working in a modern salon or barbers. These ergonomic roll about storage carts are an essential item that will help hairdressers keep their salon equipment and supplies organised and close to hand at all times. Our exclusive collection also includes roller carts for barbers and beauty spa trolleys for professional beauticians. Makeup artists will also benefit from the practical usability of our roller storage carts.

£32.99 ex VAT

Durable, lightweight trolley with 5 spacious drawers, perfect for busy salons. 

£39.99 ex VAT

Folding tinting trolley for salons very tight on space.

£43.99 ex VAT

Salon trolley with four drawers and extending accessory trays, easy to assemble.

£49.99 ex VAT

Black round tinting trolley with bowl on a 3 wheeled base.

£52.99 ex VAT

Features 8 spacious drawers, a dryer holder and a strong metal frame.

£54.99 ex VAT

Salon tinting stand with wheels comes on a sturdy 3 star plastic base and a stainless steel stem.

£59.99 ex VAT

Black Square Shaped Tinting Trolley made from an unbreakable material and features two handy brush holders.

£59.99 ex VAT

Black Round Tinting Trolley made from an unbreakable material and features two handy brush holders.

£59.99 ex VAT

Featuring 5 spacious deep drawers, also features a dryer holder. Metal frame on a castor base making it easy to maneuver around your salon.

£59.99 ex VAT

5 tray trolley with foil, dryer and tint bowl holder accessory top. On large castor wheels for easy mobility around the salon.

£59.99 ex VAT

Tinting trolley with a square transparent white work surface made of an unbreakable material.

£64.99 £59.99 ex VAT

Black salon hairdressing trolley with dryer and tint bowl holder accessory top and 5 sliding trays.

£64.99 £59.99 ex VAT

Black hairdressing trolley with 5 drawers and a flat top with dryer, tint bowl and tint brush holders.

£59.99 ex VAT

Sturdy salon tinting stand which comes on a sturdy 5 star wheeled base.

£69.99 £59.99 ex VAT

Salon trolley in black with accessory top and 5 spacious drawers for equipment and product.

£62.49 ex VAT

Black salon hairdressing trolley with dryer and tint bowl holder accessory top and 6 sliding trays.

£64.99 ex VAT

Circular tinting trolley on wheels ideal for colouring services within the salon.

Out of stock
£77.99 ex VAT

An affordable, reliable trolley with an accessory top which features a tint bowl holder, dryer holder, and brush holders.

£99.00 £79.99 ex VAT

Well built salon trolley in a lightwood finish.

£98.99 £79.99 ex VAT

Black Salon Trolley which features 5 spacious drawers, dryer holder and a handy organiser.

£92.99 £82.99 ex VAT

Stylish White and Pink trolley which features 5 sliding drawers with various compartments.

Out of stock
£85.00 ex VAT

Featuring two hinged colouring accessory trays and 6 drawers also a side basket to place your tools in.

£87.99 ex VAT

Features 6 drawers, a chrome dryer holster, lower side storage and an accessory top to place tool for easy access.

£88.00 ex VAT

Stylish tinting trolley from REM with a chrome stem on 5 castor wheels for easy mobility around the salon.

£89.99 ex VAT

Beauty trolley with 3 trays and handy bowl with holder. 

£92.99 ex VAT

Well built trolley with all the storage a busy salon would need.

£92.99 ex VAT

Features high quality rubber wheels for smooth and silent movement through the salon.

£94.99 ex VAT

Features a solid chrome frame and three white shelves.

£99.00 ex VAT

Black trolley with 3 spacious glass shelves which are toughened and easy to clean.

£99.00 ex VAT

Inner steel frame trolley with easy clean castors, a dryer holster and five sliding trays.

£99.99 ex VAT

Available in Black or White and can come with a flat top or accessory top.

£99.99 ex VAT

Acrylic designed top work surface on castor base making it easily maneuverable around the salon.

£99.99 ex VAT

Easy to assemble multi functional salon trolley made from high quality, scratch resistant ABS plastic.

£99.99 ex VAT

Sturdy salon trolley with 5 drawers, side dryer holder and silent rubber wheels.

£106.00 ex VAT

A practical, stylish trolley with 6 generously spaced drawers.

£109.99 ex VAT

Store your salon essentials safely in this trolleys locking shutter.

£109.99 ex VAT

Roller salon trolley with 6 large half bowl spheres and a pin bowl on the top.

£109.99 ex VAT

3 shelved beauty trolley for storing heavy beauty equipment.

£112.00 ex VAT

Features three spacious shelves with toughened glass ideal for placing equipment or products on.

£114.00 ex VAT

The Discrete Trolley has 2 magnetic fastening doors, a dryer holder and attachable side tray.

£119.00 ex VAT

Robust white frame with 3 frosted glass shelves and a built-in mag lamp holder.

£119.00 ex VAT

All black salon trolley except for feature side silver side panels, six trays and side accessory tool trays.

£119.99 ex VAT

practical and sturdy salon trolley, available in a range of laminate colours.

£119.99 ex VAT

Durable, multi functional locking black trolley made from high quality ABS plastic.

£119.99 ex VAT

Durable, multi functional locking trolley with 4 drawers and compartments.

£119.99 ex VAT

4 glass shelved beauty trolley with handy side bag, ideal for colleges or salons.

£120.00 ex VAT

Tinting trolley with large workspace and built in timer and available in black or silver.

£122.99 ex VAT

6 spacious drawers and two side trays to place more equipment and products.

The sliding trays of these storage trolleys offer generous storage capacity enabling you to manage and organise the equipment you need to effectively do your job. Most of the portable beauty salon and hairdressing utility carts we have for sale include hairdryer holders and multiple accessory compartments including tint and colour brush holders. We even offer locking salon trolleys for secure overnight equipment storage.Our range of stylist trolleys are available in a wide variety of finishes to compliment your salon, barber, or beauty spa interior, including laminate wooden looking finishes and brushed metal styles.Many come in styles that work well with other salon furniture available from our popular industry brands. Choose from our range below or call us on 01270 630280 to discuss the various options available. We will be happy to advise you.
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