Nelson Mobilier Salon Furniture

Why Nelson Mobilier Salon Furniture? The simple fact is that salon furniture intended for use in a working environment is an essential working tool for professional hair dressers.

Nelson Mobilier Salon Furniture
Nelson Mobilier Salon Furniture

Nelson Mobilier have always stood for quality and durability. Their salon equipment is built to the highest standards with a continued focus on product development .

Nelson Mobilier workings with product designers and managers who have an excellent track record in developing superb salon furniture which is both functional and beautiful. This furniture is developed in direct consultation with top hairdressers in order to best fit the needs of professional salons.

All Nelson Mobilier Salon Furniture products are manufactured in France on the 5000 square meters production plant.

Their salon furniture is manufactured in compliance French as the European standards of quality, for example NF (Norme Francaise) and European quality certification.

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Nelson Mobilier Salon Furniture
Nelson Mobilier Salon Furniture


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Our Top Selling Nelson Mobilier Salon Chairs

£995.00 ex VAT

Wonderfully made styling chair on round base with a clever 'diamond' shape design.

£535.00£675.00 ex VAT

Training styling chair which can be used for teaching or customer seating.

£595.00£749.00 ex VAT

Nice suite style made styling chair with a comfy design.

£369.00 ex VAT

Safe a secure child's styling chair with a fun design.

£389.00£479.00 ex VAT

Simple styling chair with black rubber armrests and a clean cut design.

£445.00£535.00 ex VAT

Modern, fashionable styling chair with polished aluminium armrests.

£439.00£525.00 ex VAT

Featuring twisted aluminium armrests with a matte finish.

£405.00£495.00 ex VAT

Quality styling chair with deep cushioning and a supportive backrest.

£459.00£549.00 ex VAT

Displays a certain style and elegance that pairs with any well designed salon.

£459.00£549.00 ex VAT

Unique curve that offers great support and excellent comfort.

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Our Top Selling Nelson Mobilier Washpoints

£165.00 ex VAT

Monobloc mixing valve and shower head with hoses for Nelson Mobilier range of wash units.

£879.00 ex VAT

Stand alone backwash unit complete for hairdressing salons, nursing homes and the care enviroment.

£2,099.00£2,999.00 ex VAT

Top of the range washpoint with outstanding comfort and a bold modern design.

£999.00 ex VAT

Professional washpoint featuring the sleek Yering chair.

£999.00 ex VAT

Quality piece of furniture with a smart professional design.

£999.00 ex VAT

Well designed single washpoint featuring the stylish Bowy Chair.

£1,899.00£2,769.00 ex VAT

Available as a 1 position or a 2 position washpoint.

£1,420.00£1,499.00 ex VAT

Heavy duty barbers chair with a strong hydraulic pump.

£1,225.00£5,540.00 ex VAT

Comes in three sizes, allowing you to choose the best fit for your salon.

£1,649.00 ex VAT

Unique hydraulic pump backwash unit which allows you to raise and lower the height of the basin.

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Our Top Selling Nelson Mobilier Styling Units

£995.00 £849.00 ex VAT

Easy hair removal unit made from any colour in the Nelson Mobilier range of laminates.

£1,295.00 £995.00 ex VAT

Wall styling unit with extra large styling mirror which is 1770mm x 920mm all finished in gold crocodile edging.

£745.00£879.00 ex VAT

High fashion styling unit with a lacquered designer frame.

£2,310.00 ex VAT

Beautiful 4 position unit, designed with a clean cut stunning finish.

£850.00£1,860.00 ex VAT

Flawlessly made Wall styling unit available in 1, 2 or 3 positions.

£1,260.00£1,750.00 ex VAT

The perfect center piece for any salon.

£599.00 ex VAT

Glamorous wall mounted styling unit with a beautifully textured frame.

£475.00 ex VAT

iSmart stylish modern wall unit with stainless steel work shelf available in white or black laminate.

£744.00 ex VAT

Barbers styling unit with square ceramic basin, mirror and mixing valve kit.

£1,100.00 ex VAT

Stylish wall unit with coloured work shelf, hairdryer holder, socket and storage.

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History of Nelson Mobiler

Nelson Mobilier was founded in Chassieu, close to Lyon, France in 1984.

In 1986, The first Nelson Mobilier salon furniture collections were put on show at the Cosmoprof trade fair, in Bologna, Italy and on the Mondial Coiffure in Paris, France.

Between the years 1986 and 1994 Nelson Mobilier established a strong distribution network throughout France and developed several key agreements with local franchises.

Before much time had elapsed, Nelson Mobilier had become the French market leader in salon furniture.

The growing reputation of Nelson Mobilier crossed the French borders as the company increased its presence throughout Southern Europe, working with with distributors in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

Partnerships in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, UK, Scandinavia, were then developed and the Nelson Mobiler Salon Furniture is also now on sale in Northern Europe.

This French brand has now become one of the major salon furniture manufacturers in Europe.

With new collections, new catalogues and brochures and refitted showrooms the French brand follows a winning strategy and keeps on growing.  Nelson Mobiler salon furniture is now exported to more than 40 countries.