£1,720.00 ex VAT

Simple yet stylish furniture package with a consistent design. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE CURRENTLY WAITING FOR STOCK OF THIS PRODUCT. DUE MID NOVEMBER.

£1,825.00 ex VAT

A stylish furniture package with 3 chairs, 3 styling units and washpoint.

£1,825.00 ex VAT

Salon package with comfotable Galaxy Chairs and Washpoint with Barbados Styling Units

£1,995.00 ex VAT

Ideal for any new start up professional hair salons and great value for money.

£1,999.00 ex VAT

Simple yet stylish salon package with a warm and welcoming feel. Available in a wide range of colours.

£2,225.00 ex VAT

Fantastic barbers kit with a cool, retro design and great value for money.

£2,999.00 ex VAT

Innovative designs with an hard wearing finish, guaranteed to draw attention.

£3,399.00 ex VAT

Top range package with nothing but quality, high fashion products.

£4,769.00 ex VAT

Stunning furniture package which will create the feel of elegance and style in your salon.

£4,875.00 ex VAT

Elegant furniture packages, ideal for any upmarket salon wishing to make a great impression.

£4,895.00 ex VAT

Quality craftsmanship and contemporary French design.

£5,950.00 ex VAT

Hand crafted by professional furniture manufacturers.

£6,095.00 ex VAT

Modern designs, perfect for salons wanting to stand out.

£7,229.00 ex VAT

Designed to brighten your salon and display a sense of luxury and quality.