REM Salon Furniture

REM Salon Furniture – REM is a well established company with 100 years experience in manufacturing salon furniture and equipment, celebrating their centenary in 2018. Always popular amongst hair and beauty professionals throughout the UK and beyond, REM specialise in producing quality, well designed salon furniture with customer comfort in mind. All REM Salon Furniture products offer a generous 3 year warranty. We supply REM Salon Furniture to hair salons, barbers, beauty salon and spas as well as schools, colleges, architects and more.

REM Salon FurnitureREM occupy a 70,000 square feet factory in the North of England where a skilled, dedicated workforce produce exceptional quality salon furniture featuring the latest trends in salon design.

All REM electrical products are certified to CE standards. All of their seating and furniture products meet or exceed the relevant standards. REMs predecessor began making salon dryers in 1918. The Company still makes salon dryers today, although of a considerably advanced design. Added to that is the vast range of salon furniture, including seating, reception desks, wash units and beauty equipment. This makes up REMs catalogue of furniture today. Watch the video factory tour to find out more

REM Salon Furniture
REM Salon Furniture

Some popular REM Salon Furniture categories from our site…


Our Top Selling REM Salon Chairs

£209.00£296.00 ex VAT

The popular and economical and classically designed salon chair in coloured upholstery.

£27.00 ex VAT

Clear protective chair back covers tailored to your particular Rem styling chair.

Out of stock
£216.00£309.00 ex VAT

Product Unavailable. Comfortable salon chair with chrome arms and a comfortable two piece seat.

£305.00£395.00 ex VAT

Comfortable salon chair with scratch resistant chrome arms and a comfortable one piece seat.

£326.00£444.00 ex VAT

Classic one piece design for maximum client comfort.

£274.00£364.00 ex VAT

Comfortable salon chair with scratch resistant chrome arms and a comfortable two piece seat.

£243.00£333.00 ex VAT

Comfortable salon chair with scratch resistant chrome arms and a comfortable two piece seat.

£414.00£493.00 ex VAT

Elegantly designed, fully upholstered salon chair with a unique retro look.

£329.00£419.00 ex VAT

Modern designed salon chair with steel arms and upholstered arm caps for client comfort.

£399.00£495.00 ex VAT

Modern, cube designed salon chair with a heavy duty chrome plated base.

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Our Top Selling REM Washpoints

£1,249.00 ex VAT

Rem Aqua frontwash and backwash units designed to save space.

£1,899.00 ex VAT

Rem Aqua units designed to save space and can be used with any make backwash chair.

£780.00£1,160.00 ex VAT

Stylish designer wash unit, available with an electric legrest.

£615.00 ex VAT

Contemporary wash point, designed with steel chrome curved arm rests.

£580.00 ex VAT

Rustproof black cabinet with seat in coloured upholstery, easy rear panel for easy plumbing access.

£156.00£286.00 ex VAT

Sumo backwash basin available in white or black and on its own or with a tilting mechanisim.

£89.00 ex VAT

Mixing valve kit which includes valve, hose, hand-spray, hot & cold flexi hoses and basin sleeve.

£21.00£37.99 ex VAT

REM Handspray And Hose Only REM hand-spray, hose, basin sleeve kit, sold separately or together. (Please use the drop down box to choose).

£745.00 ex VAT

New For 2017 The spacious Wave Washpoint complete in Black/Grey colour fabric.

£13.99 ex VAT

Handy backwash tool holder with silver chrome detangling brush.

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Our Top Selling REM Styling Units

£589.00£1,630.00 ex VAT

Contemporary design unit available as a wall or island model.

Out of stock
£375.00 ex VAT

A modern wall mounted styling unit with a simplistic design and enclosed features.

£259.00 ex VAT

A wall mounted unit with a slide out dryer holster and opening doors for internal storage.

£231.00 ex VAT

Great unit which sits on the floor with a chrome holster for a dryer, straightener, tongs and storage.

£237.00 ex VAT

A wall mounted link unit which is the perfect storage and work top space between styling units.

£415.00£465.00 ex VAT

Featuring a mirror backlit with LED lighting, cast metal shelf and integral dryer holder as standard.

£345.00£469.00 ex VAT

Elegant wall mounted mirror unit featuring a LED light design, cast iron shelf and dryer holder.

£405.00£455.00 ex VAT

A stylish floor length mirror unit with a toughened glass shelf and stylish LED lighting strips down each side.

£1,685.00 ex VAT

Island unit with stainless steel framed mirrors, steel base and integrated footrests.

£261.00£723.00 ex VAT

Popular styling unit available with or without cast metal shelf.

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Here at Direct Salon Furniture we are able to arrange direct deliveries to your salon door. In the unlikely event that you experience a problem with your REM Salon Furniture products our experienced field personnel will be there to assist you. REM also offer an advanced salon planning service. Please ring our office for any more details, advice or help.