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£32.99 ex VAT

Table Top Magnifying Lamp on a sturdy round base with an adjustable arm.

£39.99 ex VAT

9.5cm diameter, 3 dioptries and mounted onto a flexible 36cm arm.

£39.99 ex VAT

Heat therapy lamp with tilt adjustable, automatic mode and timer mode and 150 Watt infra red bulb.

£43.99 ex VAT

Table top lamp LED magnifying lamp with cool light and touch sensitive switches.

£54.99 ex VAT

Small LED/UV/Builder Gel unit with infrared sensor.

£59.99 ex VAT

A 3 diopter 5 inch glass lens with cover. and lower power consumption with high lumen light output.

£75.00 £59.99 ex VAT

Circular base with 6 wheels for use with Rem Rio Mag Lamp 01327.

£59.99 ex VAT

An LED magnifying lamp with table clamp which has a 5 diopter lens.

£69.99 ex VAT

5W maginfying lamp that magnifies 5 times and has 56 LEDs for cold white light.

£69.99 ex VAT

With a clear 7 inch diameter 3 diopter (1.75) magnification lens and 80 LED high lumen bulbs.

£79.99 ex VAT

Hand held lamp, ideal for skin inspection. Full Instructions included.

£84.99 ex VAT

Infrared LED/UV/Builder Gel unit with infrared sensor.

£94.99 ex VAT

Professional mobile 275W Infrared lamp with built in dimmer.

£159.00 ex VAT

Mobile magnifying lamp with 80 LED bulbs on 5 star wheeled base and 80cm extending arm.

£189.99 ex VAT

Twin therapy heat lamps from Skinmate with 250watt bulbs with protective grill.