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£59.99 ex VAT

Unique instrument for tightening the skin, minimising wrinkles and closing the pores after a facial.

£69.50 ex VAT

Lightweight and robust portable steamer with an insulated handle for hand-held steaming.

£95.99 ex VAT

Offering 3 speeds with a variety of brush heads for use on normal skin, sensitive skin and body.

£99.99 ex VAT

Quick heating system with an auto switch off function when empty.

£129.99 ex VAT

Mobile facial steamer with ozone lamp on sturdy 5 star wheeled base and with compact arm for aromatherpy treatments.

£129.99 ex VAT

Mobile steamer with nano-ionic steam which can penetrate the upper layer of the skin more easily.

£199.00 ex VAT

A mobile ionic facial steamer with a built in aromatherapy function and UV lamp.

£239.00 ex VAT

Vacuum spray, ideal for mask removal and to loosen setting masks.

£249.00 ex VAT

Modern steamer with a short neck, variable height table-top base and ozone facility provided.

£249.00 ex VAT

Complete with intensity control and four accessory glass electrodes.

£259.00 ex VAT

Ideal for deep cleansing, exfoliation of dead skin cells and elimination of cellular blockages.

£359.00 ex VAT

Professional unit, offering complete safety and deliverance of treatments.

£415.00 ex VAT

Ergonomically designed, top of the range machinery at an affordable price.

£439.00 ex VAT

Supplied with a highly insulated hand piece plus five of the most popular glass electrodes.

£445.00 ex VAT

Provides a dynamic combination of visible light and invisible infra-red light to stimulate the deeper skin tissue.

£499.00 ex VAT

Features controls to adjust the speed and reverse the direction of the heads. 

£659.00 ex VAT

Mechanical power adjustment control with pressure gauge display.

£699.00 ex VAT

Features a digital touch pad intensity control, for precise adjustment and a clear power output display.

£725.00 ex VAT

two functions of high frequency and galvanic treatment, contained in one compact unit.

£845.00 ex VAT

Contained in one neat and functional unit, supplied with full accessories for facial therapy treatments.

£875.00 ex VAT

Constant vacuum suction and an infinitely variable pulsating action.

£895.00 ex VAT

Utilises a range of waveforms that work with the skins natural electromagnetic energy.

£899.00 ex VAT

This unit combines diamond peeling, photorejuvenation and microcurrent into one compact machine.

£1,795.00 ex VAT

The latest electrotherapy treatment. It features High frequency, Galvanic and Micro-current.

£1,825.00 ex VAT

Multifunction unit consisting of 8 machines combined into one single station.

£3,450.00 ex VAT

Provides a superior exfoliation and aids lymphatic processes deep within the skin.