Nelson Mobilier are synonymous with superb quality, high standards, and modern beautiful design. Nelson Mobilier salon and barber furniture has been designed and manufactured in France since 1984 and the company is now one of the largest  manufacturers of salon furniture in Europe.

Our range includes everything from hairdresser stools and salon trolleys, to full mirror units and sleek styling chairs. Find out more and see some of our favourite Nelson Mobilier products.

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£165.00 ex VAT

Monobloc mixing valve and shower head with hoses for Nelson Mobilier range of wash units.

£239.99 ex VAT

Contemporary salon trolley with a unique curve design.

£249.00 ex VAT

Chunky large waiting seat seat with the fabric available in a great selection of colours.

£249.99 ex VAT

Modern salon trolley bearing a unique design.

£269.00 ex VAT

Exceptionally reliable cutting stool with a sleek minimalist design.

£320.00 ex VAT

Stylish waiting area seat available in a large range of colours with solid metal chromed legs, beautifully upholstered and great for window waiting areas.

£369.00 ex VAT

Safe a secure child's styling chair with a fun design.

£375.00£475.00 ex VAT

Ultra modern styling chair with beautiful curves and a seamless glossy finish.

£389.00£479.00 ex VAT

Simple styling chair with black rubber armrests and a clean cut design.

£405.00£495.00 ex VAT

Quality styling chair with deep cushioning and a supportive backrest.

£416.00£630.00 ex VAT

Contorted stainless steel armrests paired with a delicate design.

£439.00 ex VAT

Strong stationary stool with an integrated footrest.

£439.00£525.00 ex VAT

Featuring twisted aluminium armrests with a matte finish.

£445.00£535.00 ex VAT

Modern, fashionable styling chair with polished aluminium armrests.

£459.00£549.00 ex VAT

Impressive styling chair with a moulded foam seat for unbeatable comfort.

£459.00£549.00 ex VAT

Unique curve that offers great support and excellent comfort.

£459.00£549.00 ex VAT

Displays a certain style and elegance that pairs with any well designed salon.

£475.00 ex VAT

iSmart stylish modern wall unit with stainless steel work shelf available in white or black laminate.

£475.00£600.00 ex VAT

Ultra modern waiting chair with a geometric design.

£475.00£560.00 ex VAT

Lavish styling chair with a fully padded seat and backrest.

£505.00£595.00 ex VAT

High fashion styling chair with a contemporary shape.

£505.00£595.00 ex VAT

Beautifully curved styling chair, designed with exceptional comfort and support.

£520.00 ex VAT

Stylish 2 seater waiting seat available in a large range of colours with solid metal chromed legs, beautifully upholstered and great for reception areas waiting areas.

£535.00£675.00 ex VAT

Training styling chair which can be used for teaching or customer seating.

£549.00£779.00 ex VAT

Beautifully contemporary display unit, featuring stunning back-lighting.

£595.00£995.00 ex VAT

Wonderfully made styling chair with a clever 'diamond' shape design.

£595.00£669.00 ex VAT

Handsome styling chair with a quilted textured back.

£595.00£749.00 ex VAT

Nice suite style made styling chair with a comfy design.

£599.00£805.00 ex VAT

Elegant, flawless design and stunning presence.

£599.00 ex VAT

Glamorous wall mounted styling unit with a beautifully textured frame.

£660.00£800.00 ex VAT

Large comfortable styling chair with an innovative  cube shaped design.

£675.00 ex VAT

Stylish painted glass wall styling unit with stainless steel work shelf.

£689.00 ex VAT

Tall elegant display unit made from white Plexiglas.

£699.00£799.00 ex VAT

Large, modern display unit with a lacquered designer frame.

£700.00£910.00 ex VAT

High fashion salon chair at the peak of style and design.

£700.00£945.00 ex VAT

Beautifully simple reception desk suitable for all salons.

£729.00£815.00 ex VAT

Quality styling chair with a clean design and an excellent finish.

£744.00 ex VAT

Barbers styling unit with square ceramic basin, mirror and mixing valve kit.

£745.00£879.00 ex VAT

High fashion styling unit with a lacquered designer frame.

£850.00£1,860.00 ex VAT

Flawlessly made Wall styling unit available in 1, 2 or 3 positions.

£879.00£1,079.00 ex VAT

Beautifully illuminated Plexiglas front feature.

£989.00 ex VAT

Glamorous wall mounted display unit with a beautifully textured frame.

£1,295.00 £995.00 ex VAT

Wall styling unit with extra large styling mirror which is 1770mm x 920mm all finished in gold crocodile edging.

£995.00 ex VAT

Wonderfully made styling chair on round base with a clever 'diamond' shape design.

£999.00 ex VAT

Luxury washpoint, designed with soft lines and elegant framework.

£999.00 ex VAT

Well designed single washpoint featuring the stylish Bowy Chair.

£999.00 ex VAT

Quality piece of furniture with a smart professional design.

£999.00 ex VAT

Professional washpoint featuring the sleek Yering chair.