£2,199.00£2,750.00 ex VAT

Traditionally designed chair with unparalleled style and comfort available in Maroon or Black.

£2,250.00 ex VAT

Rollerball F Processor with its rotating heat source for longer lasting colour and perm results.

£2,695.00 ex VAT

Compact foldaway basin-cabinet system, created to allow for the optimum use of space.

£2,890.00 ex VAT

Exceptionally built and beautifully designed spa couch with a cleverly concealed basin.

£2,995.00£3,195.00 ex VAT

A stunning piece barbering furniture. Solid, versatile and beautiful, dressed in durable upholstery. A high end trade chair.

£2,995.00 ex VAT

Luxury full length rear shampoo couch unit with a distinct design and Takara Belmont outstanding quality.

£2,999.00 ex VAT

Stylish and contemporary barbers unit which incorporates the Takara Majolica Basin.

£3,449.00 ex VAT

Ingenious rear shampoo unit designed to be used at two stations.

£3,795.00£3,995.00 ex VAT

Motorised Barbers chair with a stunning design, a class above the rest. A quality high end piece of furniture.

£3,895.00£4,695.00 ex VAT

Luxurious, fully motorised barbers chair with smooth movement and high comfort.

£4,390.00 ex VAT

Unique fold-away basin system which is clean, neat and compact set in graduated top surface.

£4,390.00 ex VAT

Unique foldaway basin-cabinet system, perfect for optimising salon floor space with flat top surface.

£6,295.00 ex VAT

Comfy chairs with Spitfire style mirrors in a barbers package with Takara Belmonts outstanding finish.

£6,550.00 ex VAT

The World's premium luxury barber's chair featuring a heated leg rest with high grade foot rest and massage.

£7,080.00 ex VAT

Probably the World's premium luxury barber's chair and made with the finest materials to ensure ultimate luxury.

£7,540.00£9,510.00 ex VAT

Luxuriously comfortable wash unit with ergonomic cushioning.

£8,499.00 ex VAT

Stunning contemporary barbers package with the Takara Belmont special touches.

£9,499.00 ex VAT

Stylish and stunning contemporary barbers package with the Takara Belmont special touches.