Salon ChairsSalon chairs are one of the things customers will frequently judge your salon over. Choosing the right colour scheme for your beauty salon and using distinctive design elements makes a statement about you and your standards of quality. There are important considerations when choosing stylist seating, and as one of the UK’s leading salon furniture and equipment suppliers our great range of styling chairs from Ayala, Mila, REM, Takara Belmont, WBX and Crewe Orlando will satisfy a diverse range of requirements.



£27.00 ex VAT

Clear protective chair back covers tailored to your particular Rem styling chair.

£119.99£169.99 ex VAT

Stylish and economical salon chair at an affordable price.

£134.99 ex VAT

Features sleek, chrome armrest with a removable footrest.

£149.00 ex VAT

Comfortable salon chair with simple yet stylish design.

£149.00 ex VAT

Classically designed, both practical and affordable.

£149.00 ex VAT

Stylish, simple and modern black salon chair, on a 5 star locking hydraulic base.

£149.99 ex VAT

Contemporary salon seat with a wide cube shape.

£169.00 ex VAT

Comfortable children's chair with a safety bar and a fun design.

£175.00 ex VAT

Sleek and elegantly designed professional salon chair.

£175.00£199.00 ex VAT

Traditionally designed chair with a simple and stylish feel.

£175.00£199.00 ex VAT

Created in Italy, built in Britain. Featuring traditional wooden arms.

£175.00 ex VAT

Elegant, economical salon chair with a comfortable split backrest.

£180.00£275.00 ex VAT

Classically designed salon chair with scratch resistant, chrome steel arms.

£180.00£225.00 ex VAT

Both comfortable and practical styling chair with chrome armrests.

£185.00 ex VAT

unbeatable comfort with a modern design, suitable for all salons.

£189.99 ex VAT

High quality, traditionally styled children's chair with a toy steering wheel.

£195.00 ex VAT

Classically designed salon chair with curved dark wood arms.

£195.00 ex VAT

A practical and reliable styling chair with a bulky bold design.

£199.00 ex VAT

Comfortable and stylish salon chair with a square hydraulic locking base.

£199.00 ex VAT

Modern square design and spacious padded seat.

£199.00 ex VAT

Contemporary designed seat with a molded foam shape.

£199.00 ex VAT

Deep cushioned seat for excellent client comfort.

£199.00 ex VAT

Great looking, one of a kind professional salon chair.

£199.00£294.00 ex VAT

Stylish and affordable salon chair in black upholstery on a 5 star hydraulic base.

£205.00 ex VAT

Fully upholstered salon chair with a modern squared design.

£205.00 ex VAT

Eye catching, one of a kind professional salon seat.

£210.00 ex VAT

Easy height adjustment with a stylish and modern designed.

£212.00£307.00 ex VAT

Economical hydraulic pump salon chair in black upholstery.

£212.00£307.00 ex VAT

Classically designed salon chair with scratch resistant, chrome steel arms.

£215.00£260.00 ex VAT

Made from high quality materials, providing excellent client comfort.

Out of stock
£216.00£309.00 ex VAT

Product Unavailable. Comfortable salon chair with chrome arms and a comfortable two piece seat.

£225.00 ex VAT

Practical yet stylish cutting chair with a curved seat for added comfort.

£230.00£325.00 ex VAT

The popular and economical and classically designed salon chair in coloured upholstery.

£235.00 ex VAT

Exceptionally reliable cutting stool with a sleek minimalist design.

£239.00 ex VAT

Contemporary designed with a removable footrest.

£239.00 ex VAT

Practical yet stylish cutting chair with a textured seat.

£239.00 ex VAT

Practical cutting chair with rear cut out for easy hair removal.

£239.00 ex VAT

Stunning styling chair with a button backrest and brass stud detailing.

£239.00 ex VAT

Practical yet stylish cutting chair with a comfortable seat.

£244.00£339.00 ex VAT

Clean, smart designed styling seat at a very competitive price.

£245.00£290.00 ex VAT

Deep cushioned seat and unique contemporary design.

£249.00 ex VAT

Comfortable locking hydraulic chair with stylish chrome inset arm rests.

£249.00£399.00 ex VAT

Multi-purpose styling chair, used as for styling, beauty treatments or back wash.

£249.00 ex VAT

A stylish, practical chair with a locking hydraulic pump.

£249.00 ex VAT

Stylish buttoned back styling chair with chrome arm rests and round hydraulic base.

£255.00£300.00 ex VAT

High quality styling chair with an affordable price and a modern design.

Out of stock
£259.00 ex VAT

Features an adjustable headrest and multi position locking recliner.

£262.00£357.00 ex VAT

Comfortable salon chair with scratch resistant chrome arms and a comfortable two piece seat.

A stylist chair at a hairdressers will have hair falling on it as a cut is taking place. Choosing a 'hair free' design in your hair salon, with no hard to reach nooks and crannies is a consideration here. Some salons may choose to focus of a small number of high end customers and choose stylist chairs with a luxurious but less hard wearing fabric, whereas in a high traffic salon, owners may decide that ease of maintenance seating with robust, hard wearing fabric is more important. Take a look at the our wide range of hairdressing chairs to see what a difference it can make. As a trusted supplier of many professional brands, our wholesale range of all purpose, reclining, and hydraulic styling chairs will meet every salon owner's needs. 

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