£505.00£595.00 ex VAT

High fashion styling chair with a contemporary shape.

£505.00£595.00 ex VAT

Beautifully curved styling chair, designed with exceptional comfort and support.

£510.00£610.00 ex VAT

Gracefully built and designed with particular detail and elegance.

£535.00£675.00 ex VAT

Training styling chair which can be used for teaching or customer seating.

£565.00£785.00 ex VAT

Wonderfully made styling chair with a clever 'diamond' shape design.

£575.00£695.00 ex VAT

Designed with an elegant feel, guaranteed to add a touch of class.

£575.00£620.00 ex VAT

Ultra modern styling chair with excellent comfort and unique molded casing.

£595.00£650.00 ex VAT

Hand Crafted in the UK with only the best materials.

£595.00£669.00 ex VAT

Handsome styling chair with a quilted textured back.

£595.00£670.00 ex VAT

Beautifully designed compfy styling chair fully upholsterd in a large choice of colours.

£595.00£749.00 ex VAT

Nice suite style made styling chair with a comfy design.

£599.00£805.00 ex VAT

Elegant, flawless design and stunning presence.

£699.00 £599.00 ex VAT

Retro upholstered salon chair on a modern round hydraulic base.

£799.00 £599.00 ex VAT

Barbers chair with a bold presence which fully reclines and has a detachable headrest.

£619.00 ex VAT

Modern seat with a bold sturdy presence, fully reclining with detachable headrest. A Direct Salon Furniture UK exclusive.

£630.00£700.00 ex VAT

Beautifully built and elegantly designed styling chair.

£645.00£700.00 ex VAT

Contemporary styling chair, hand crafted in the UK.

£649.00£675.00 ex VAT

Elegant and practical design with unparalleled attention to detail.

£649.00 ex VAT

Modern barbers seat with stunning classic design, fully reclining and detachable headrest.

£660.00£800.00 ex VAT

Large comfortable styling chair with an innovative  cube shaped design.

£665.00£905.00 ex VAT

Contemporary salon chair designed to prevent trapped hair.

£665.00£905.00 ex VAT

Contemporary salon chair with a fully upholstered design.

£670.00£915.00 ex VAT

Contemporary salon chair with a fully upholstered design.

£699.00£754.00 ex VAT

Provides excellent strength, durability and comfort.

£699.00£724.00 ex VAT

Elegant and reliable, with a wooden frame and stud detailing.

£700.00£910.00 ex VAT

High fashion salon chair at the peak of style and design.

£715.00£795.00 ex VAT

Beautifully designed styling chair, decorated with Swarovski Element crystals.

£720.00£790.00 ex VAT

Ultra modern and beautifully striking styling chair.

£729.00£815.00 ex VAT

Quality styling chair with a clean design and an excellent finish.

£799.00£854.00 ex VAT

High quality UK hand crafted reclining seat, both practical and elegant.

£799.00£854.00 ex VAT

Reproduction style and hand crafted in the UK with reclining seat, making it both practical and elegant.

£875.00£1,070.00 ex VAT

Modern styling chair with a fibreglass backrest.

£920.00£990.00 ex VAT

Meticulously designed with an impressive finish and outstanding presence.

£1,049.00£1,449.00 ex VAT

The very popular GT Sportsman is world famous for it's reliability and versatility.

£1,150.00£1,450.00 ex VAT

Classic barbershop design in the most compact, stylish form. A popular piece of furniture from the Belmont range.

£1,150.00£1,350.00 ex VAT

Practical and comfortable styling chair with a unique design.

£1,275.00£1,450.00 ex VAT

Traditionally styled chair with a high quality and durable finish.

£1,330.00£1,530.00 ex VAT

Retro chair with a detail stitching and a broadly-quilted seat.

£1,450.00 ex VAT

Unique brown leather chair guaranteed to add style to any salon.

£1,480.00 ex VAT

Vintage 40's style chair in a dark brown leather with metal detailing.

£1,540.00£1,630.00 ex VAT

Luxury seat with a stud detailing available in brown leather or camel leather.

£1,999.00£2,299.00 ex VAT

Traditionally designed and vintage style, with unparalleled design and comfort. A favourite of barbers worldwide.

£2,030.00£2,190.00 ex VAT

Multi-function chair with a reclining backrest.

£2,090.00 ex VAT

Traditional piece of barbering furinture with a contemporary twist, one of the best selections for the modern barber.

£2,199.00£2,750.00 ex VAT

Traditionally designed chair with unparalleled style and comfort available in Maroon or Black.

A stylist chair at a hairdressers will have hair falling on it as a cut is taking place. Choosing a 'hair free' design in your hair salon, with no hard to reach nooks and crannies is a consideration here. Some salons may choose to focus of a small number of high end customers and choose stylist chairs with a luxurious but less hard wearing fabric, whereas in a high traffic salon, owners may decide that ease of maintenance seating with robust, hard wearing fabric is more important. Take a look at the our wide range of hairdressing chairs to see what a difference it can make. As a trusted supplier of many professional brands, our wholesale range of all purpose, reclining, and hydraulic styling chairs will meet every salon owner's needs. 

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