Takara Belmont Salon ChairsTakara Belmont Salon Chairs are the last word in luxury! A great choice for discerning salon owners looking for distinctive hair salon chairs or beauty salon chairs. A third-generation Japanese family business, Takara Belmont have been manufacturing health and beauty furniture, and maintaining a vigorous pursuit of high-function and quality since 1921.

£510.00£610.00 ex VAT

Gracefully built and designed with particular detail and elegance.

£630.00£700.00 ex VAT

Beautifully built and elegantly designed styling chair.

£665.00£905.00 ex VAT

Contemporary salon chair designed to prevent trapped hair.

£665.00£905.00 ex VAT

Contemporary salon chair with a fully upholstered design.

£670.00£915.00 ex VAT

Contemporary salon chair with a fully upholstered design.

£720.00£790.00 ex VAT

Ultra modern and beautifully striking styling chair.

£875.00£1,070.00 ex VAT

Modern styling chair with a fibreglass backrest.

£920.00£990.00 ex VAT

Meticulously designed with an impressive finish and outstanding presence.

£995.00£1,069.00 ex VAT

Classic barbershop design in the most compact, stylish form. A popular piece of furniture from the Belmont range.BLACK UPHOLSTERY IN STOCK FOR 7-10 DAY DELIVERY.

£1,150.00£1,350.00 ex VAT

Practical and comfortable styling chair with a unique design.

£1,170.00£1,529.00 ex VAT

The very popular GT Sportsman is world famous for it's reliability and versatility.

£1,330.00£1,530.00 ex VAT

Retro chair with a detail stitching and a broadly-quilted seat.

£1,430.00£1,515.00 ex VAT

Traditionally styled chair with a high quality and durable finish.

£1,450.00 ex VAT

Unique brown leather chair guaranteed to add style to any salon.

£1,480.00 ex VAT

Vintage 40's style chair in a dark brown leather with metal detailing.

£1,540.00£1,630.00 ex VAT

Luxury seat with a stud detailing available in brown leather or camel leather.

£1,799.00£2,099.00 ex VAT

Traditionally designed and vintage style, with unparalleled design and comfort. A favourite of barbers worldwide.BLACK OR DARK BROWN IN STOCK FOR 7-10 DAY DELIVERY.

£2,030.00£2,190.00 ex VAT

Multi-function chair with a reclining backrest.

£2,399.00 £2,200.00 ex VAT

Traditional piece of barbering furinture with a contemporary twist, one of the best selections for the modern barber.

£2,295.00£2,735.00 ex VAT

Traditionally designed chair with unparalleled style and comfort available in Maroon or Black.

The ethos of Takara Belmont is to make products 'for the Client, the End User, the Technician, the Salon Owner. For their health, their comfort and the joy of seeing and being in beautiful surroundings.' Takara Belmont also produce some of the finest barber chairs available.For help and advice on these styling chairs, salon equipment, or anything else in our salon furniture range, please call us on 01270 630280. Our office hours are Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm or Friday between 9am to 3pm. Our help team will be glad to offer you advice and assistance.