Salon DryerbanksSalon Dryerbanks (or salon dryer chairs) can be chosen to compliment the other furnishings in your premises and provide a secure place to connect to hood dryers or processors. As clients may spend quite a while under the dryers, comfort is really important. Direct Salon Furniture sell dryerbanks to suit the individual style of your salon. Many of our dryer banks available from the major salon brands on our site coordinate with both washpoints and salon seating options for a complete look, from shabby chic to modern. Should you require advice on suitable dryer banks and options available, please contact our Help Team on 01270 630280 and we will be happy to assist you.

£149.00 ex VAT

Keyboard slide and Mouse mat option for Rem reception desks.

£499.00£625.00 ex VAT

Contemporary and comfortable design, available as a Two Seat or Three Seat Dryer Bank.

£499.00£625.00 ex VAT

Two Seat or Three Seat Dryer Bank from the popular Bermuda range.

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£499.00£669.00 ex VAT

Modern Clio chairs featuring aluminium arm rests with upholstered covers for added client comfort.

£499.00£625.00 ex VAT

Built in Britain, boasting a great combination of style and durability.

£499.00£635.00 ex VAT

Comfortable cushioned seating and stylish metallic armrests and feet.

£499.00£575.00 ex VAT

Classically designed dryer bank available as a two or three seater.

£499.00£629.00 ex VAT

Contemporary designed bank, finished with stylish polished chrome armrests.

£549.00£649.00 ex VAT

Comfortable dryer bank with cushioned seating and stylish metallic base and feet.

£549.00£679.00 ex VAT

Comfortable 2 seater or 3 seater dryer bank with cushioned seating and stylish chrome arms.

£695.00 £599.00 ex VAT

Traditionally designed 2 seater dryer bank with classic detailing and chrome arms.

£695.00 ex VAT

Traditionally designed 2 seater dryer bank with Darkwood or Lightwood Arm Rests.

£1,099.00 ex VAT

Features the fantastic, elegantly designed Pompadour salon chairs.

£1,099.00 ex VAT

Classic, timeless look which elegantly lends itself to any salon.

£1,099.00 ex VAT

Elegantly designed dryer bank with a comfortable high quality feel.

£1,099.00 ex VAT

Made with a particular attention to detail and 'Shabby Chic' design.

£1,099.00 ex VAT

Strong and reliable dryer bank with an elegant stud design.

£1,099.00£1,129.00 ex VAT

Beautifully hand crafted piece of furniture, designed with a stylish ‘Shabby Chic’ look.

£1,099.00£1,129.00 ex VAT

Classic, practically designed dryer bank with unparalleled attention to detail and build quality.