Hair Salon Furniture PackagesHair Salon Furniture Packages, carefully selected to bring together products that look right with one another and work great together! All our packages are configurable and we are happy for you to use these as a starting point for discussion with us over the specific requirements you may have for your hair salon. Discounts are available for larger purchases, so please call us on 01270 630280 for help and advice and let us put together a package that suits your needs.

£1,720.00 ex VAT

Simple yet stylish furniture package with a consistent design. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE CURRENTLY WAITING FOR STOCK OF THIS PRODUCT. DUE MID NOVEMBER.

£1,825.00 ex VAT

A stylish furniture package with 3 chairs, 3 styling units and washpoint.

£1,825.00 ex VAT

Salon package with comfotable Galaxy Chairs and Washpoint with Barbados Styling Units

£1,995.00 ex VAT

Ideal for any new start up professional hair salons and great value for money.

£1,999.00 ex VAT

Simple yet stylish salon package with a warm and welcoming feel. Available in a wide range of colours.

£2,999.00 ex VAT

Innovative designs with an hard wearing finish, guaranteed to draw attention.

£3,399.00 ex VAT

Top range package with nothing but quality, high fashion products.

£4,769.00 ex VAT

Stunning furniture package which will create the feel of elegance and style in your salon.

£4,875.00 ex VAT

Elegant furniture packages, ideal for any upmarket salon wishing to make a great impression.

£4,895.00 ex VAT

Quality craftsmanship and contemporary French design.

£5,950.00 ex VAT

Hand crafted by professional furniture manufacturers.

£6,095.00 ex VAT

Modern designs, perfect for salons wanting to stand out.

£7,229.00 ex VAT

Designed to brighten your salon and display a sense of luxury and quality.