Ayala Styling UnitsAyala Styling Units are a professional range of salon mirrors in a range of styles, some with shelving or storage incorporated into their design. They help to keep a clearly defined work space for a stylist to operate from. Anyone working in a salon will tell you it really helps if your equipment is kept separate from those working around you. Daring, elegant style and great practicality combine to make these products a superb choice for your salon. For help and advice call us on 01270 630280.

£225.00 ex VAT

A compact, practical styling unit at an affordable price.

£275.00£325.00 ex VAT

A beautifully crafted styling unit, made to a high standard and finished using quality materials.

£275.00 ex VAT

Has a elegant chiseled frame which is available in either gold or white with gold elements.

£275.00£295.00 ex VAT

A compact and very practical styling unit at a very affordable price.

£290.00£315.00 ex VAT

The Roma styling unit features two chrome supporting brackets which attach to the wall.

£295.00 ex VAT

A stunning wall mounted styling unit with a unique laser cut perspex frame and large mirror.

£305.00£480.00 ex VAT

Royal Styling Unit available as either a single or double unit.

£355.00 ex VAT

A beautifully designed styling unit and that is a fine crafted piece of salon furniture.

£395.00£495.00 ex VAT

A unique oval designed wall mounted mirror, featuring a flawless laser cut perspex frame.

£395.00 ex VAT

A compact styling unit with an innovative design and affordable price.

£395.00£450.00 ex VAT

The Royal Island is an elegantly designed two seater island styling unit.

£449.00£585.00 ex VAT

A unique upholsterd high quality styling unit with a stunning design.

£535.00 ex VAT

Fashioned with a unique shape it is a contemporary, well designed styling unit,

£540.00 ex VAT

A simple styling unit with a quality finish which looks good in all salons.

£545.00£580.00 ex VAT

The Quadro unit with a large mirror face and compact integrated shelf, ideal for working salons.

£575.00£675.00 ex VAT

A great styling unit with side storage and footrest and stylish foot rest.

£665.00£1,450.00 ex VAT

A classically designed barbers unit with either a durable plastic or a panel beaten stainless steel top.

£675.00£1,245.00 ex VAT

Reflection Styling Unit comes in either a single unit, double unit or island size.

£705.00 ex VAT

A stylish wall mounted unit, finished with a stunning stainless steel frame.

£805.00 ex VAT

The Yoko is a elegant styling unit with a high quality build and finish.

£895.00 ex VAT

Styling makeup unit with integrated lighting and glass shelf, made from INOX stainless steel

£1,345.00 ex VAT

A great island unit featuring full length mirror and footrests and sockets.

£1,499.00£1,780.00 ex VAT

A stunning and elegantly designed two position styling unit with large mirror with surround lighting.