Nelson Mobilier Styling Units

All Nelson Mobilier products are manufactured in France, on the 5.000 square meters production plant. Working closely with French designerNelson Mobilier Styling Unitss, all products are hand crafted and beautifully finished to the high standard you see in the images. The French brand follows its winning strategy of producing new and exciting collections, exported to more than 40 countries.

£475.00 ex VAT

iSmart stylish modern wall unit with stainless steel work shelf available in white or black laminate.

£599.00 ex VAT

Glamorous wall mounted styling unit with a beautifully textured frame.

£675.00 ex VAT

Stylish painted glass wall styling unit with stainless steel work shelf.

£744.00 ex VAT

Barbers styling unit with square ceramic basin, mirror and mixing valve kit.

£745.00£879.00 ex VAT

High fashion styling unit with a lacquered designer frame.

£850.00£1,860.00 ex VAT

Flawlessly made Wall styling unit available in 1, 2 or 3 positions.

£995.00 £895.00 ex VAT

Wall styling unit with extra large styling mirror which is 1770mm x 920mm all finished in gold crocodile edging.

£1,045.00 ex VAT

Stylish wall unit finished in high shine chrome and stainless steel work shelf.

£1,100.00 ex VAT

Stylish wall unit with coloured work shelf, hairdryer holder, socket and storage.

£1,260.00£1,750.00 ex VAT

The perfect center piece for any salon.

£1,745.00 ex VAT

Double mirrored styling island unit with shelving for retail and work storage, all finished in chrome.

£1,745.00 ex VAT

Very up to date modern stylish design, double island unit finished in high polish chrome and front work shelf available in 3 different colours.

£2,310.00 ex VAT

Beautiful 4 position unit, designed with a clean cut stunning finish.