£1,149.00 ex VAT

Stylish island styling unit with  cast metal shelf, integrated lighting, twin sockets, glass shelves and dryer holster.

£1,159.00 ex VAT

Cornell Island Unit comes as standard with storage, a chrome metal footrest and locking castors.PLEASE NOTE: To see laminate colour options and positions, see our product visualiser below. 

£1,217.00 ex VAT

Island unit with stainless steel framed mirrors, steel base and integrated footrests.

£1,260.00£1,750.00 ex VAT

The perfect center piece for any salon.

£1,279.00 ex VAT

A stand alone styling mirror with dryer holder and stylish corner leg support, magazine storage rack.

£1,295.00 ex VAT

Island styling unit finished in laminated natural elm wood with spacious storage compartments.

£1,329.00 ex VAT

Takara island styling unit with dryer holders in a choice of wood laminates finishes.

£1,345.00 ex VAT

A great island unit featuring full length mirror and footrests and sockets.

£1,420.00 ex VAT

Island styling unit which comes with a slide out dryer holsters and footrests. 

£1,499.00£1,780.00 ex VAT

A stunning and elegantly designed two position styling unit with large mirror with surround lighting.

£1,545.00 ex VAT

A two position Island unit with a unique reproduction style and elegantly designed features.

£1,645.00 ex VAT

A stunning two position Island unit with storage in a unique grand style and elegant design.

£1,745.00 ex VAT

Double mirrored styling island unit with shelving for retail and work storage, all finished in chrome.

£1,745.00 ex VAT

Very up to date modern stylish design, double island unit finished in high polish chrome and front work shelf available in 3 different colours.

£2,310.00 ex VAT

Beautiful 4 position unit, designed with a clean cut stunning finish.

£3,499.00 ex VAT

Mila Vintage Barbering Unit with backwash basin, marble top, glass shelves and back lighting.

Dedicated styling units can offer individual storage facilities, a surface to keep your essentials readily to hand and perhaps most importantly, frame the face of your clients. Choose styling units either to contrast with your other salon furniture or to compliment your interior with coordinated themes from all the major UK salon brands including REM, WBX, Alaya and Mila. For any help with sizing or choosing mirrors to suit your salon, please call our team on 01270 630280 for help and advice.