WBX Styling UnitsWBX Styling Units are strikingly individual and make a real statement. These salon mirrors incorporate practical shelving and storage in their design. A staple item for any salon, individual styling units have the distinct benefit of making the customer feel like an individual rather than one of many in front of a wide communal mirror. Styling units also have the added feature of keeping all of the salon equipment used by the stylist readily to hand. WBX styling units are proving to be a real hit with salon owners They are often used in modern salons looking to source shabby chic salon furniture as part of a vintage theme that can be really striking!

We have been supplying salon mirrors and styling units as part of our salon furniture range since 2005 and are happy to advise salon owners and barbers on the most suitable products for your requirements. Please call us on 01270 630280 to discuss the WBX range of products.

£1,045.00 ex VAT

Excellent wall styling unit with a unique style and stunning design, guaranteed to grab attention.

£1,075.00 ex VAT

Fantastic rectangle design unit with unique style, hand crafted and built to the highest standard.

£1,545.00 ex VAT

A two position Island unit with a unique reproduction style and elegantly designed features.

£1,645.00 ex VAT

A stunning two position Island unit with storage in a unique grand style and elegant design.