Salon Retail Storage UnitsSalon retail units (otherwise called salon storage units) are designed to display your salon products in a neat, secure and visually appealing setting. Presentation counts when it comes to retail, many of the products sold via hair and beauty salons are of a high quality and deserving of the very best setting so choose well designed, accessible units to display them in. We have a range of salon retail solutions from great manufacturers such as Ayala, Sibel and REM and are happy to discuss the various options with you if you need assistance.

NEW FOR 2020
£57.00£165.00 ex VAT

REM chrome socket option with twin USB plugs for Rem Salon Furniture fitted during production.

£84.00 ex VAT

Stylish and modern unit designed specifically for hair colours, holds approx 72 tubes.

£199.00 £189.00 ex VAT

Side storage unit for in between mirrors with silent closing drawer.

£199.00 ex VAT

Unit comes with four fitted glass shelves and a backboard, available in a range of coloured laminates.

£315.00£375.00 ex VAT

Features two glass shelves, elegant down lighting and two chrome supporting brackets.

£315.00£360.00 ex VAT

Elegant reproduction style retail unit with a timeless look, perfect for high end salons.

£324.00 ex VAT

The Glam features three shelves, each with illuminated LED lighting above.PLEASE NOTE: To see laminate colour options and positions, see our product visualiser below.

£549.00£779.00 ex VAT

Beautifully contemporary display unit, featuring stunning back-lighting.

£699.00 £630.00 ex VAT

Gown Store featuring a height positional shelf, a hanging rail, and is finished with chrome handles.PLEASE NOTE: To see laminate colour options and positions, see our product visualiser below.

£699.00 £630.00 ex VAT

College Head Store has a fixed central shelf with four height positional shelves.

£699.00 £630.00 ex VAT

Storage shelved cupboard with a fixed central shelf and four height positional shelves.

£689.00 ex VAT

Tall elegant display unit made from white Plexiglas.

£699.00£799.00 ex VAT

Large, modern display unit with a lacquered designer frame.

£718.00£980.00 ex VAT

Features two height positional glass display shelves and locking wooden doors as standard.

£989.00 ex VAT

Glamorous wall mounted display unit with a beautifully textured frame.

£1,029.00£1,195.00 ex VAT

Retail Unit is available all glass or with a mirrored back. Spotlighting also available.