Salon Retail Storage UnitsSalon retail units (otherwise called salon storage units) are designed to display your salon products in a neat, secure and visually appealing setting. Presentation counts when it comes to retail, many of the products sold via hair and beauty salons are of a high quality and deserving of the very best setting so choose well designed, accessible units to display them in. We have a range of salon retail solutions from great manufacturers such as Ayala, Sibel and REM and are happy to discuss the various options with you if you need assistance.

£75.00 ex VAT

Stylish and modern unit designed specifically for hair colours, holds approx 72 tubes.

£199.00 ex VAT

Side storage unit for in between mirrors with silent closing drawer.

£237.00 ex VAT

Unit comes with four fitted glass shelves and a backboard, available in a range of coloured laminates.

£275.00£312.00 ex VAT

Features three shelves, each with illuminated LED lighting. Available in Small or Large.

Out of stock
£315.00£360.00 ex VAT

Brilliantly designed piece of furniture, decorated with a 3 tone square upholstery pattern.

£315.00£375.00 ex VAT

Features two glass shelves, elegant down lighting and two chrome supporting brackets.

£315.00£360.00 ex VAT

Elegant reproduction style retail unit with a timeless look, perfect for high end salons.

£549.00£779.00 ex VAT

Beautifully contemporary display unit, featuring stunning back-lighting.

£689.00 ex VAT

Tall elegant display unit made from white Plexiglas.

£699.00£799.00 ex VAT

Large, modern display unit with a lacquered designer frame.

£718.00£980.00 ex VAT

Features two height positional glass display shelves and locking wooden doors as standard.

£741.00 ex VAT

College Head Store has a fixed central shelf with four height positional shelves.

£761.00 ex VAT

Gown Store featuring a height positional shelf, a hanging rail, and is finished with chrome handles. 

£967.00£1,179.00 ex VAT

Retail Unit is available all glass or with a mirrored back. Spotlighting also available.

£989.00 ex VAT

Glamorous wall mounted display unit with a beautifully textured frame.